Wednesday, March 30, 2016

35 Whelen Factory Ammunition

Nosler 35 Whelen

One of the complaints about the 35 Whelen is that there isn't a good choice of factory ammunition.  I'm not sure that that's the case.  Sure, Whelen ammunition isn't available in the vast array of choices as offered by, for example, the 30-06.  But, there are a number of outstanding choices of 35 Whelen factory ammunition.

If I had a complaint, it would be that there isn't a good choice of budget ammunition for the Whelen; but that can be countered with the argument that the 35 Whelen is not the kind of rifle one spends a lot of time with, plinking.  And, should anyone be buying "budget" ammunition for hunting when the goal is clean and lethal kills?

The following is a list of factory ammunition available in 35 Whelen:

Federal Premium:
Remington: High Performance Rifle 250 grain PSP

Remington: Core-Lokt 200 grain

Barnes: Vor-TX TTSX 180 grain

Nosler Handloaded Custom: 
  • 200 grain Accubond
  • 225 grain Accubond
  • 225 grain Partition
  • 250 grain Partition
Nosler Trophy Grade: 225 grain Accubond

Hornady: 200 grain SP Superformance

Buffalo-Barnes Premium: 225 grain TSX 

Doubletap Ammunition:
  • 180 grain Barnes TTSX
  • 200 grain Barnes TSX
  • 225 Grain Swift A-frame
  • 250 Jacketed Soft Point
  • 310 Grain Woodleigh Weldcore 

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