Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Four Outstanding 35 Whelen Rifles

A number of firearms manufacturers offer rifles chambered in 35 Whelen.  Some companies do occasional runs, but the ones featured below offer the Whelen on a regular basis.

The four we feature are outstanding rifles, each provided in styles and models with stellar reputations. 

The Remington, Nosler, and Montana rifles each chamber 35 Whelen in only one of their models (as far as I can tell), while Cooper Firearms chambers a number of rifle types in 35 Whelen.

Click on the title of each for a link to the company homepage:

Remington Model 700 CDL SF:

model 700 CDL

Montana Rifle Company AVR/SS:

AVR/SS 35 Whelen

Cooper Firearms:

35 Whelen

Nosler M48 Brush Country:

35 Whelen Nosler M48

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